We are an independent Polish – Ukrainian grassroot group Gender L’viv working for the equal rights of women and men, and against discrimination of sexual minorities. We’re facing similar problems in both countries combined with low public recognition of it. We decided to unite and fight together. We started in 2009 in Lviv and continue our work in a couple of cities in Poland and Ukraine. In 2009 we organized the first demonstration for women’s rights and Equality Rally in L’viv. This year we repeated it with a larger impact! We organized a 3 - day event dedicated to feminist themes, combined with lectures, workshops, demonstration and a concert. One of our goals was to attract as many people as possible from abroad, and other Ukrainian cities and Post-East Block countries to Show their support for women’s rights.
We are not financed by any official grants and work on non-hierarchic bases. The group is growing and developing new tactics for combating abuse and violence. We’re planning to organize more demos and workshops